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Minecraft Skin Pack 1 Brings Master Chief & Banjo to Nintendo Platforms

Also, the Moana Character Pack is out today, so you're welcome!


Back in September, Shacknews asked about some of the ramifications of Minecraft's Better Together update, in which Minecraft players from across different platforms will be able to play with one another and access all of their content. We made sure to ask about platform-specific content, specifically about the Halo Mash-Up pack, and heard back that yes, Minecraft owners could take Master Chief to their Nintendo and Apple devices. To top all that off, how about some more Xbox characters for your Nintendo and Apple devices?

The Minecraft website confirmed that legendary Skin Pack 1 would now be available across Minecraft supported cross-play platforms, including mobile devices, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch. This includes Master Chief, Cole Train, 'Splosion Man, and also Banjo, making this the first time that the lovable bear can be seen on a Nintendo platform since the exclusivity deal that sent the original Banjo-Kazooie developer Rare to Microsoft.

What else can the Minecraft team say, except "You're welcome?" Speaking of which, the Moana Character Pack is also available today. This introduces characters like Moana, Maui, and even the giant coconut crab Tamatoa. He's shiny! Watch him dazzle like a diamond in the rough... strut his stuff.

Both the Skin Pack 1 and Moana Character Packs are available now on all of the Minecraft Better Together platforms. Just keep in mind that the cross-play update isn't quite ready for Nintendo Switch just yet.

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