Monster Hunter: World Adding Street Fighter 5 Sets Soon

Who wants to dress up as Ryu and deliver a big Shoryuken to a giant monster? (That last part might cost some money.)


For those who fell asleep early on Saturday night, they may have missed a cool Monster Hunter: World reveal prior to the Street Fighter V Top 8 at the first EVO Japan. What does Monster Hunter have to do with Street Fighter? Well, how about a few cameos?

Ryu and Sakura (complete with her new Street Fighter V look) can both be seen wielding the various clubbing weaponry of Monster Hunter: World. PS4 players will be the first with the opportunity to play with the Street Fighter characters. If they have a Street Fighter V save file, they'll get a new quest called "Down the Dark, Muddy Path," which rewards SFV Tickets. When taken to a Smithy, players can get the Ryu armor set.

One might wonder how Xbox One players can get this stuff, since they don't get Street Fighter V. But Capcom notes on Capcom-Unity that the Event Quest will be added into rotation at a later date. Additional Event Quests will be available down the line to also allow for the crafting of the Sakura armor.

As for those cool Hadoken and Shoryuken moves at the end of the trailer. Don't get too excited about those, because those will cost money. The Hadoken and Shoryuken will be sold separately for $3.99 each.

Look for the Ryu and Sakura content to be available in Monster Hunter: World soon. For now, check out the video below.

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