Sea of Thieves - Trimmedbeard Error

How to fix the Trimmedbeard Error in Sea of Thieves.


Games that exist purely in multiplayer form typically come with their fair share of issues such as connectivity or latency problems, even server maintenance downtime, and Sea of Thieves is no different. Because Sea of Thieves is an always-online multiplayer-specific title, it might go down from time-to-time, but figuring out whether this is a problem with your connection, the game, or something else can be tough, especially when the only information to go by are the words: Trimmedbeard error.

How to Fix Trimmedbeard Error

The Trimmedbeard Error is usually encountered when Sea of Thieves is attempting to setup a new crew session. Unfortunately, the Sea of Thieves support page does not reference the Trimmedbeard error, so fixing it is just guess work at this point in time.

You should run through the usual list of error fixes. Begin by attempting to set sail again or joining your crew, if that doesn't fix it, try quitting Sea of Thieves and then rebooting it. If the Trimmedbeard error continues to plague you, consider doing a complete system reboot. Your last-ditched effort would be to completely reboot your internet connection. Thankfully, whenever a Trimmedbeard error is occuring for a lot of players, Rare knows about it and tweets about it through their Sea of Thieves Twitter account.

There’s a good chance that you might be running into some errors because Sea of Thieves is currently brimming with players trying to get in and experience the piratey goodness. Your best bet is to wait a while, and then attempt to log back in. While it's not the most fun, simply waiting is always the best option. We’ve also got a helpful guide if you’re experiencing the Bronzebeard error. For all the latest and greatest tips and how-tos for Rare's open-world adventure, be sure to scope out our extensive Sea of Thieves guide and walkthrough.

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