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Hello Kitty Kruisers Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

Kart meets Kitty in the upcoming Nintendo Switch racer.


In the current gaming climate, it's hard to imagine a world without Mario Kart. Sure, there are loads of other racing games on the scene, but Mario Kart is the one that seems to bring the most people together. And yeah, it's not going to thrill in the same way that Gran Turismo or Forza might, but it does manage to satisfy that racing urge without being too complicated. The kart racing genre as a whole just seems to be so much more approachable than other racing genres, particularly for younger players who like racing around with their favorite characters. Good news is just beyond the apex for those types, then, as publisher Rising Star Games has recently announced the upcoming tire-squealing arrival of Hello Kitty to the Nintendo Switch kart racing scene.

The upcoming title is called Hello Kitty Kruisers, and it's slated to feature Hello Kitty as well as her varied cast of Sario friends in a fresh new kart racer with distinct styling. As revealed in a press release for the game, all of players' favorite characters will be present, and Kruisers will offer a selection of different vehicles, including karts as well as planes and boats, plus loads of different outfits, tracks, and gameplay modes.

“We’re continually honored to enjoy a close partnership with Sanrio in order to bring Hello Kitty videogame titles both to fans and to new audiences,” said president of Rising Star Games Martin Defries in a press release. “Hello Kitty inspires happiness, friendship and sharing across the world and we’re humbled and excited to be an ongoing part of spreading smiles around the globe."

There's no specific release date set for Hello Kitty Kruisers, but the team is aiming to release the game for the Nintendo Switch throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America sometime around Spring 2018, with physical releases planned for USA and Europe. Until then, players can get amped up by checking out the game's latest trailer, featured above, or by heading over to the official Rising Star Games website.

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