UFC 3: Exclusive Career Mode Interview

UFC 3 Creative Director Brian Hayes sits down with Shacknews to discuss the upcoming MMA brawler.


Following the success of the two previous MMA fighters, the developers at EA Canada are working hard to ensure the expanded Career Mode for UFC 3 will be everything that series fans have been hoping for and a way for players to live out the dream of becoming the greatest competitor in UFC history. Creative Director Brian Hayes sat down with us to discuss the game and go into detail about what makes UFC 3's career mode special.

The overall goal in UFC 3's career mode is the become The GOAT, or greatest of all time. Each component of the career mode experience lets you work towards achieving the goal. New fighters will start at the bottom of the totem pole and can make use of gyms and training modes to build up their skills. As the career progresses, players will attempt to earn bigger paydays and the eye of UFC head honcho Dana White.

To get the full scoop on everything involved, check out the full interview with Brian Hayes below.

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