Darkest Dungeon Will Get A Physical Release For PS4 and Switch

Red Hook has teamed up with Merge Games to bring Darkest Dungeons to store shelves.


Modern thinking about software ownership is sometimes convoluted — some people believe that ownership of software is synonymous with guaranteed access to software, while others believe that ownership implies a right to a tangible archive of said software. As long as the software can be used, it's unlikely that many will complain; services like Steam or the PlayStation Store have been offering digital downloads of games for years with considerable success. Still, others want to know that their games are physically available to them, be it for storage or for access. Good news for those types, then, as Red Hook Studios and Merge Games have revealed a new partership with plans to release physical copies of Darkest Dungeon for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

This news naturally follows on the digital release of Darkest Dungeon for the Switch, which landed on the Nintendo eShop just last week. The digital and physical versions should offer largely similar experiences as far as players are concerned, with the only distinct differences being that the physical version of the game will come packed-in with both the Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker DLC packs.

The retail version of Darkest Dungeon is slated to hit store shelves this March. The PS4 version will cost $30, whereas the Switch version is expected to retail for about $40, a fair price considering the $25 cost of the digital edition of the game and the combined $14 cost of the DLC. Besides, paying a few extra bucks over the digital price is no problem for players who like having game boxes fill up their shelves. Beyond that, there's also the chance that the physical versions of Darkest Dungeon will eventually be much cheaper than the digital download, which will make it a more attractive purchase for players keeping a close eye on their bank accounts.

Looking to learn even more about Darkest Dungeon? Shacknews will be hosting a live streaming interview with the development team today at 4 p.m. Eastern time, so be sure to pop by our Twitch page to join in on the fun.

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