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SOS Hits Steam Early Access, Celebrates with Snoop Dogg

Survival game SOS is now on Steam Early Access and to help celebrate, Outpost Games has invited Twitcn and YouTube streamers to try and survive its island... including that up-and-coming livestreaming superstar Snoop Dogg.


Survival game SOS has wrapped up its closed betas and has now moved on to Steam Early Access. Outpost Studios has high hopes for its massive survival effort, not only hoping to bring in a big player base, but also a base of Twitch and YouTube streamers. With that said, Outpost invited a handful of top Twitch and YouTube stars to stream its Early Access build, including that up-and-coming livestreaming superstar Snoop Dogg.

Mr. Dogg can be seen on his Twitch channel (via exploring the island with some fellow livestreamers. They're quickly confronted by some of the island's dangers, like unfriendly demons, while also picking up random loot sprinkled across the caves. The idea, as it is in the game as a whole, is to form alliances to survive the island's dangerous environment. Of course, remember that in order to win, there are only so many spots available to escape the island, which means the alliance is inevitably going to fall apart.

For a look at SOS, check out Snoop Dogg's stream below. You can either enjoy the gameplay or Snoop's banter, which can occasionally be NSFW.

Watch The king comes to the island! SOS available in Early Access! from Doggydogg20 on

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