Rain World Developer Seeking Feedback Regarding Potential Switch Port

Videocult looks to be toying with the idea of bringing Rain World to the Nintendo Switch.


More and more independent game developers are taking interest in the Nintendo Switch, which is keeping players happy and adding to the system's already considerable success across the world. The latest word is that independent developer Videocult, the studio behind platformer title Rain World, is now considering bringing the exploits of the mesmerizing slugcat over to Nintendo's hybrid platform.

As posted over on Twitter, Videocult is poking its head out in order to gauge user interest in a fresh port of Rain World releasing for the Nintendo Switch. The tweet has already earned 360 and almost 500 retweets from players looking to spread the word.

For the unfamiliar, Rain World tasks players with control over the slugcat, a creature that is essentially just what it sounds like, who must navigate through the ruins of an ancient civilization. The rain in Rain World comes in the form of the game's constant impending flood, the likes of which presents stark challenges and constant perils, and the game places a particular emphasis on stealth, encouraging players to move quickly and quietly whenever possible. It's also a fantastic looking game thanks to its crisp 16-bit style. Get a feel for how it looks by checking out the game's trailer, featured below.

Like some of the other smaller-studio games flirting with the idea of releasing for the Switch, Rain World seems like a perfect match for players looking for both old-school style and modern-era challenge. We don't know if the release will happen, of course, but any player who wants to increase their chances of seeing the slugcat on Nintendo's hybrid should do their part by spreading the word. Until then, players can always pick up the PlayStation 4 version from the PlayStation Store or PC version via Steam, where the game is available for $19.99.

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