Play, Craft, and Share Dungeons In Block Quest Maker

The latest title from Japanese developer Wonderland Kazakiri is about to land on iOS and Android devices.


There's been a fun little mobile game titled BlockQuest kicking around the Google and Apple app stores for a few years, and it's a sort of a cross between traditional RPGs and slimmed-down platformers like Crossy Roads. The game has been a hit for developer Wonderland Kazakiri, so much so that the studio was able to release an updated version of the core concept with Dungeon of Gravestone, which released just last year. And since that game too was able to find its own success, the team is now gearing up to release a fresh and overhauled take on genre mashup in the all-new mobile title Block Quest Maker.

Block Quest Maker will play out in a similar manner to past games from the developer, but the core mechanics have been tweaked to focus on user creations. In essence, players will be able to create their own dungeons, play through them, and then share those creations with others. Players will be able to use the game's Dive mode to jump into other users' dungeons, which will not only provide them with various loot, but will also provide the dungeon's creator with a set amount of gold.

This concept turns Block Quest Maker into sort of a social network for its creators, with users earning currency both for themselves and for others simply by playing the game. The whole thing looks very interesting, too, with loads of different environment blocks as well as items and traps to keep adventurers guessing. Check out some of the game's action in the new trailer, featured below.

Wonderland Kazakiri is planning to release Block Quest Maker as a free-to-play title with several different in-game purchase options for players who might want to expediate the usual processes. Playing dungeons will also require coins, the likes of which can be bought with real money, earned by watching ads, or even by charging other players to romp through specific creations. It's a fairly unique concept, and players will be able to check out all that the game has to offer when Block Quest Maker releases for iOS and Android devices on January 24.

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