Pokemon Go Android 0.89.1 and iOS 1.59.1 Update Details

Here's what's new in the latest Android and iOS updates to Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go just can't be stopped. We've been reporting on the game since around the time of its initial release back in July of 2016, and for better or worse, Niantic's AR-based hit has consistently found its way into headlines ever since. The latest news that Pokemon Trainers have been curious about regards the game's latest update, which is version 0.89.1 for Android users and version 1.59.1 for iOS users.

What's New In Pokemon Go 0.89.1 and 1.59.1 Update

As might be expected, the update includes a selection of fixes for various bugs as well as some new functionality. According to the official Pokemon Go website, the latest update has "resolved a bug that caused the Pokemon collection screen to scroll to the top after evolving, transferring, or renaming a Pokemon," which is good news for those plagued by the persistent error. In addition, Niantic has added the ability for players to sort their Pokedex by region, which allows even more flexibility when researching which pocket monsters to track down next.

The update has also improved Pokemon scaling throughout various parts of the app, as well as provided tweaks to the incubator sorting order when initially selecting an incubator. Beyond that, the update has also addressed "various bug fixed and performance updates," the likes of which don't seem to be worth diving into much further.

It's worth remembering that the game recently saw the addition of Generation 3 creature Kyogre as a new Raid Boss, but the little aquatic critter won't be around for too long, as it's slated to disappear around mid-day on February 14. To find Kyogre, trainers need do nothing more than load up the app and seek out the nearest Raid Battle; chances are it'll be there waiting to do battle.

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