Disney Adopts Four New Mobile Game Development Partners

The new gaming strategy sees Disney teaming up with experienced mobile developers.


Entertainment conglomerate Disney hasn't exactly had the best luck when it comes to its advances into the mobile gaming realm. Sure, the company has had plenty of mobile games, but none of them have really taken off in the way that Disney might have hoped, with most players preferring Disney games on more robust home consoles. Well, that might soon change, as Disney executive Kyle Laughin has announced that the company has forged a new strategy by teaming up with four new mobile development partners.

As reported by Venture Beat, Disney's Laughlin took the podium at Casual Connect USA in California to announce that the company is now working with developers Ludia, Glu, PerBlue, and the massively-popular development studio GameLoft on putting together new Disney experiences on mobile devices. According to Laughlin, each of the four studios is now working on an all-new game based on previously-established Disney franchises.

This news follows some rather unfortunate events in Disney's recent business plans, including a disappointing full retreat from the Disney Infinity series as well as a class-action lawsuit filed last year that alleged the company had been using mobile apps to spy on children. The company definitely needs to shake up their plans, and according to Laughlin, that means partnering up with other successful studios and focusing on new gameplay genres like RPGs action-based brawlers. Laughlin also reportedly confirmed that Disney is still working with Square Enix on Kingdom Hearts III, which should help appease fans of the ever-pervasive mashup series.

We don't yet know exactly what sort of titles these new development partners are working on, nor do we know which Disney-based IP their games might be based on. However, we do know that Disney's new plans are for the long term, and players can expect to learn more information as the new partners develop their relationships.

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