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Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition Adds New Content in March

If you haven't gotten in on Final Fantasy XV when it first released, no need to worry. The opportunity to catch up is coming in March.


There has been a lot of content that has hit Final Fantasy XV since it first released back in 2015. But what about anyone who wants to catch up with the latest in the RPG franchise and all of the DLC that goes along with it? Square Enix has a little something to help those folks catch up.

Late Tuesday night, Square Enix revealed a trailer for Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. According to the Square Enix store listing, the Royal Edition will include the base game, along with all of the Season Pass and various DLC content released to this point. It'll also add first-person mode, new bosses, and a new dungeon called Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map.

On top of that, players will get a controllable Royal Vessel. Because why wouldn't these four particular Final Fantasy characters have a boat to go along with their convertible? This means it'll be possible to navigate the waters between Cape Caem and Altissia freely.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition will run for $49.99, while existing Final Fantasy XV owners can also pick this up as separate DLC for $19.99. Meanwhile, PC owners can pick this content up as Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, which is set to release on Steam, Windows 10, and Origin. That trailer can be seen below. All of this is set to arrive on March 6.

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