Rumor: Amazon Leaks Release Dates For Crackdown 3 And State Of Decay 2

Hopefully, we'll all be leaping over buildings and killing zombies sooner than we thought.  


It looks like the folks over at Amazon Spain may have prematurely spilled the beans on the release dates for two upcoming Xbox One titles. According to a now-removed post on the site, fans can expect to get their hands on Crackdown 3 on June 29th and State of Decay 2 on May 25th. Both titles appear to carry a price point of 69.99 euros, but that's almost guaranteed to vary from the US price point. 

Crackdown 3 made my personal list of most anticipated games of 2018 and its launch date has been pushed back and its launch date has been pushed back before to allow more development time. Supposedly it's being reworked to give Brooklyn 99 star Terry Crews a bigger in-game role. State of Decay 2 from Undead Labs is set to take all the original zombiepocalypse survival and expand upon the first's base building features as well as add four-player co-op. Both titles are expected to launch on Xbox One and PC this year, regardless of whether or not the date leaks are accurate. 

Along with the rumored release dates, Amazon Spain may have leaked the State of Decay 2 box art as well. 

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