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Even As Switch Sales Skyrocket NIntendo Is Committed To The 3DS

Just because the Switch has been a success doesn't mean they're giving up on their iconic handheld.


Good news today for fans of on-the-go gaming! Nintendo has said that they aren’t giving up on the 3DS anytime soon. According to mynintendonews, the President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima made the statement during an interview with Kyoto Shimbun.

This should come as a relief to fans of the hand-held portable console. Many were worried that the aging 3DS console was going to get put on the back burner after the release of the Nintendo Switch, which is essentially a hybrid of a portable and home console. But, at least for 2018 fans have nothing to fear as Nintendo has already factored sales numbers of the 3DS into their annual financial plannings.

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