Sony Expects To Release 130 PSVR Titles In 2018

As Sony's VR headset gains popularity the company is ready to nearly double its library. 


Now that Sony has moved over 2 million of their PSVR headsets, they’re ready to increase the catalog of titles available for it by a hefty amount in 2018. According to a statement Sony originally made to Nikkei, the company is expecting to release 130 new titles for use with the PSVR this year.

As of right now, there are 150 titles available for the PSVR, so this would mean an 80% increase in the hardware’s catalog overall.

Sales of the PSVR increased after a price drop and a healthy amount of support from titles Resident Evil 7 and Doom VFR. This has, in turn, helped third-party companies get more comfortable with the idea of developing for the hardware. Several titles have already been announced for the 2018 catalog, including WipeOut VR, Zone of Enders, and Moss just to name a few. Still, even with the extensive list of titles already slated for release this year, Sony will have to announce a lot more if they're going to reach their own expectations. 

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