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Strategy RPG Ambition of the Slimes Gets Nintendo Switch Port

The retro-inspired 3DS turn-based title will find new life on Nintendo's hybrid.


The turn-based strategy genre has been alive and well for years, with a number of highly-rated games landing on handheld consoles over the past couple of generations. And while many of them can't complete directly with massive titles like Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, others boast thrills of a less-stuffy nature by ditching the likes of politics and intrigue and instead presenting games designed around a more broad appeal. Such is the story of Ambition of the Slimes, a turn-based strategy title for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS that's about to make its proper jump to the Nintendo Switch.

It would be easy to call Ambition of the Slimes cutesy, because it is. It's also styled in the fashion of 16- and 32-bit strategy titles from decades back, with simple, pixellated sprites battling on low-poly 3D backgrounds accompanied by an appropriately-digitized soundtrack. Despite its clean and kid-friendly visuals, the game still presents a considerable challenge, and should satisfy players who like to work on their strategies on-the-go. Players can check out some of what Ambition of the Slimes is about by watching the game's new Switch teaser trailer, featured below.

Nintendo Switch players who simply can't get enough turn-based RPGs in their life will be able to pick up Ambition of the Slimes for a cool $5 when it releases on the Switch eShop on January 18. Those who want to check the game out but don't yet own a Switch are in luck, too, since aside from its original 3DS outing, the slim-based battler is also available for iOS, in addition to a proper PC port reportedly coming soon.

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