Chinese Mobile Splatoon Knockoff Now Seeking Global Publisher

Let's see how far this one makes it.


China has a reputation in the global market as a place where copyright law doesn't really mean much. As such, it's relatively easy to find Chinese knockoffs of just about any major popular product, most notably including tech like tablets or phones and even going so far as to include other goods like clothing or automobiles. Software is among that list, too, which is why no one was really surprised when Chinese mobile developer Nine Tour came out with Sepia Go, a mobile game that's basically just a B-version of Nintendo's popular shooter Splatoon.

Sepia Go first surfaced around a year and a half ago, earning what might be considered a proper release around June of 2016, and as far as we can tell, it hasn't really taken off since. Perhaps that's because it's only technically been made available for players in Chinese territories. As it turns out, the game is still active in 2018, and according to a post made over on Facebook, the development team is looking for a publisher that can spread Sepia Go to players across the world.

From what can be seen, the game appears to be a fully-functional ink-based multiplayer shooter, and it may very well carry global appeal, assuming it can survive the inevitable wrath of Nintendo's legal team. Check out some recent footage from the game below.

Naturally, we do have to wonder why anyone would consider a mobile imitation of Splatoon to be viable in the current worldwide mobile market — Splatoon 2 is readily available on the Nintendo Switch, a portable console that's breaking sales records left and right and just recently became the fastest-selling home console ever to come to the United States. It'd be fine if the developers of Sepia Go were seeking out a larger audience — or, you know, if they had a legitimate product that wasn't a shameless clone of a much bigger title — but for anyone still looking to splash their foes with ink in an online arena, Splatoon 2 was and still is the go-to experience.

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