Smite Season 5 Includes Updated Conquest Map, Cerberus, and New Pantheons

Hi-Rez Expo 2018 kicked off in a big way, revealing what's next for the god-based MOBA, Smite.


Hi-Rez Studios is kicking off this year's Hi-Rez Expo in a big way, discussing what's next for its god-based MOBA, Smite. With the Smite World Championships taking place this weekend, Season 5 is on the horizon and it's going to introduce some major changes.

Hades, King of the Underworld has some big plans for the Smite world. He's starting off by changing up the Season 5 Conquest Map, evolving it to make it completely symmetrical. This means both teams will begin the game on an even playing field. It also looks much sleeker, as the updated map also introduces whole new environmental assets.

Hades is also bringing along his trusty hellhound, Cerberus, along for the ride. The three-headed beast will be Smite's 93rd playable character and will debut with patch 4.25. Those who are on the Smite public test server will get a chance to see all of these changes first on January 17.

Finally, Smite will soon expand beyond its current pantheons. Hi-Rez will be reaching into Slavic and Voodoo mythology for future updates, so look for those two pantheons to be represented later in 2018.

All of these updates are being revealed as part of the Hi-Rez Expo kickoff stream, which can be seen live below.

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