Overwatch Game Director Sits in Front of Holiday Fire, Racks Up Massive Twitch Audience

There's no announcement. There's no special reveal. It's just Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan sitting in front of a holiday fire. And he's still managed to fascinate tens of thousands of Twitch viewers.


The only side of gaming news on Christmas Eve is normally of the lighter variety. So with that said, let's shine a spotlight on Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

Kaplan is spending his Christmas Eve in front of the fireplace, next to a plate of cookies, an Overwatch mug, and a glass of milk. There are no announcements, no special hidden anythings, but it's simply Kaplan just sitting in a contemplative manner on a recliner in front of the fire. He's been there for four and a half hours, as of this story's post, and it remains to be seen how long he'll be there.

What makes this particularly interesting is that Kaplan has drawn an audience on Twitch for... just sitting. At the time this story is being published, the Overwatch Twitch channel has an audience of 40,000 viewers, sitting and watching an unmoving Kaplan. (Though he will occasionally twitch, fumble his hands, adjust his glasses, or cough.) It's a testament to the unorthodox entertainment that one can find on Twitch.

Enjoy the Overwatch Yule Log below and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone here at Shacknews!

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