Special Pikachu Edition Nintendo 2DS XL Releasing Abroad Next Month

The release coincides with the upcoming launch of Pokemon Crystal for the 3DS.


Nintendo has some fresh hardware on the handheld market in the form of the recently-released New Nintendo 2DS XL. It's a bit like its smaller wedge-shaped 2DS counterpart, except it retains the clamshell design of the 3DS without offering the former's 3D-based visuals. It's a popular system in its own right, but it's about to get a lot more popular, as Nintendo of Europe is preparing to roll out special new Pikachu Editions of the New Nintendo 2DS XL hardware in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

As can be seen from the above image, the New Nintendo 2DS XL Pikachu Edition rounds out the 2DS design with a special yellow case and signature Pikachu design on the front cover, complete with a rounded bump to represent the little pocket monster's snout.

The special Pikachu Edition of the handheld has been kicking around Japan for a few months, where it's been the sort of sales success that Pokemon fans might imagine. Bringing the system further out to European terrorities is meant to coincide with the upcoming release of the Virtual Console edition of Pokemon Crystal that's slated to land on the 3DS eShop on January 26.

While we still don't know if the special Pikachu Edition of the New Nintendo 2DS XL will ever make it to North America, we can always hold out hope. Until then, handheld Nintendo fans in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe can get their hands on the special edition console in a new bundle that includes a Pikachu mug starting on January 26. Pre-orders are open now, and the latest set can be nabbed for a retail price of £139.99 or AU$219.95.

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