PUBG Will Soon Have Map Selection

The PUBG fans have spoken and the devs have heard their pleas. 


PUBG will be adding a map selection to the game after its official launch. The 1.0 patch is set to launch the game out of beta and shortly afterward give players the option to choose between the original Erangal map or the brand new Miramar map for whichever gameplay mode they wish. 

This wasn't something the PUBG dev team had originally planned, but fan feedback drove them to make the decision despite their own concerns that it could make matchmaking more difficult for some.

They stated as much in their latest patch notes: "Our original idea was 'this is Battle Royale and players should be able to survive in any environment'. This is why weather was made to be random together with which map is being played on. But we heard your feedback - we understand that you see the new map as an almost separate mode. So we came to the conclusion that it is best to allow our players to choose which map they want to play on. However, we have 3 team modes and 2 perspectives - TPP and FPP. Adding map selection will result in there effectively being 12 game modes in total. You also need 100 players to fully experience Battle Royale. When all these factors are combined, it could be very difficult to offer a seamless experience 24/7 to players looking for matches. In some regions with smaller player bases, many issues are already expected to occur; queueing times could be extremely lengthy, matches may not start at all, matches may start with a number of players that is much lower than 100 in off-peak times."

The PUBG devs may be a bit reluctant to give map selection options to players, but there are 20 million players on PC and another million recently hopping in on the Xbox One version. There should be plenty of matchmaking options out there no matter what mode or map you're interested in.   

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