Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad Final Trial Walkthrough

The Champions' Ballad finale sees Link taking on a complicated multi-room dungeon and fighting a power from ancient times.


Once all of the previous missions in the EX The Champions' Ballad quest have been completed, the disembodied voice of Maz Koshia will point the Hero of Time back toward the Shrine of Resurrection. Place the Sheikah Slate back on its original terminal and watch in wonder as the door to the shrine closes itself. The room will descend, and Link will be lowered into position just outside the final Champions' Ballad trial.

The EX Champions' Ballad Final Trial - The First Two Terminals

The final trial in the EX The Champions' Ballad questline is sort of an amalgamation of all previous trials and challenges, being sort of a mashup of various shrines and the complicated Divine Beast dungeons faced in the main portion of the game. Head through the two entryways toward the center of the room, watching out for the Guardians that flank the passage, and insert the Sheikah Slate into the terminal to reveal the trial's map.

Like with the Divine Beast dungeons before it, the final Champions' Ballad trial takes place in a dungeon with various elements that can be moved around via the map screen. Head back toward the entrance, use the spinning cogs rising out of a pool of lava to climb onto the central drive shaft, walk over to the platform, then use Statis to freeze the rotating plate to access the chest containing a Gerudo Shield.

From there, walk across to the other side of the shaft, slay the Guardian, and look for the metal component lodged on the right hand side. Ignore it for now, and approach the chest beyond the piece. Grab it with Magnesis, then open it to score five Bomb Arrows. Afterward, grab the metallic component and slot it into the cog on the right-hand room, then grab the nearby shaft casing and extend it onto the component. This will set the nearby room spinning. Drop down one level and head inside.

This room is fashioned somewhat like a jet engine, feautring a massive fan spinning near the rear wall. Climb up the platform, freeze the fan, and glide through; after that, slay the Guardian and open up the treasure chest to receive the Swallow Bow. Adjust the rotation of the dungeon if need be, then use the fan's gusts to propel Link toward the platform by the room's entrance. Climb to the top, reverse the air flow again, use Statis on the moving platform, then float over to it. With all that done, freeze the fan using Statis once again and float over to the platform with the terminal. Insert the Sheikah Slate to activate the terminal and deactivate the first of the door locks.

Head back into the main room and then to the other side of the platform. Notice the door with the sliding stone blocks — use Statis on one of them in order to engage the cog above the door, which will raise the platform Link needs to enter the next room.

Inside, players will notice a giant inert mechanism with what appears to be a spring-loaded piston pointing toward a flooded floor. Use Cryonis to create a platform beneath the piston, which will raise it up and engage the machine. Run over to the now-moving platform and ride it up high enough to glide down to the door on the left side of the room.

Walk down the corridor to spot what looks like a giant three-pronged hammer head on a twisted rail. Use Statis on the object, then smash it several times in the direction of the three flowing fountains. The knob will spin, and the fountains will cease producing water, clearing the way to a chest below. Open it to receive a Zora Spear.

Head back through the watery corridor and walk up the stairs to see a platform containing a pressure plate. Stand on the pressure plate to engage the spring mechanism, then use Magnesis to pull the metal sphere out from behind it. Place the sphere on the front end of the spring, then walk off and back onto the pressure plate to send it flying.

With the room now flooded once again, use Cryonis to create a pillar of ice up to the nearby platform. There, insert the Sheikah Slate into the terminal to deactivate the second lock on the main door.

The EX Champions' Ballad Final Trial - The Final Two Terminals

Return to the central room and watch out for the Guardians now literring the main floor. Destroy them, grab their loot, and head to the wheel spinning in a pool of lava. Jump onto it as before, except this time ride it toward the outer wall. Walk out onto the center platform, then go through the door when the two are aligned.

This room is loaded with flame traps and contains a spinning column covered with spikes. Navigate the path weaved through the spikes, adjusting the dungeon's rotation if the path is spinning the wrong way, then walk further to see a pressure plate on the floor and a massive tube stretched across a rotating wall.

Reverse the dungeon's rotation again, then step onto the pressure plate when the smaller opening port of the tube and the sphere cage are aligned. Now that the sphere is inside the contraption, change the dungeon's orientation to guide the sphere down the path to the bigger spout. The sphere won't fall out on its own, so nabbing it an an opportune time shouldn't be too difficult.

Place the sphere on the track toward the funnel. Once it's been activated, the door guarding the terminal will open. Float back down to the floor, place the Sheikah Slate in the terminal, and disengage the third lock.

On the way out, stand in the rotating doorway to the room and shimmy around while it turns upside down. Before the door is fully upside down, jump into the room and glide down onto the small roof to nab the treasure chest. Open it to receive the Cobble Crusher.

Head back into the main room and then across it toward the open doorway. This entire wall needs to be attached to the main room's gearwork to allow it to rotate. Use Statis to freeze the cogs at the right time to be able to slide the metal plate into a locked position on the room's outer wall.

Once the inside wall is set spinning, Link must repeat a similar process in this room to join the motion of the outer wall to the inner wall. Stand on a rotating part of the room to get high enough up the wall to float down onto one of the side staircases. Walk up and free the metal rod sticking to the roof, then jump down and place it onto the connector. Then, use Magnesis to pull the metal part of the rotating piece out. With both pieces in position, the rods will bump into one another, sending the back wall spinning and completing the electrical connection to the door. Some adjustment to the dungeon's spin may be necessary.

Jump into the now-open door spinning at the back of the room, slide the Sheikah Slate into the terminal, and deactivate the final lock on the dungeon door.

With the final lock disengaged, the music will change, and Link will be allowed access to the final area of the dungeon. Walk into the main room and slide the final part of the central drive shaft onto the door to unlock the altar. Save your game, heal if necessary, and step inside.

Monk Maz Koshia Final Trial

Approach the massive altar and hear the words of Maz Koshia. In a twist on the usual affair, the monk comes to life and challenges Link to a trial by combat.

Maz Koshia has several tricks up his sleeve. He'll make use of a flash-type attack same as Thunderblight Ganon used; time a dodge jump correctly and unleash a Flurry Rush on him. After he's taken enough damage, he'll summon a number of clones of himself. Oddly enough, pull out the camera to figure out which monk is the real one and hit him with a strong attack. Alternatively, hit them all with Urbosa's Fury to destroy the clones. Once he goes giant, ignore the smaller clones to attack Maz Koshia directly, and he'll fall in no time.

After the battle, Maz Koshia will reward the Hero of Time with what certainly appears to be his very own Divine Beast, the Master Cycle Zero. After teleporting back to the Shrine, Kass will sign the completed version of The Champions' Ballad. Sit back and enjoy a piece of Hyrulean history as Link relives his experiences at the Champions' inauguration ceremony.

After Kass' song has finished, he'll reward Link with a photograph of all the champions together. The story will end, the Champions' Ballad DLC main questline will be complete, and Link will be able to tear around Hyrule in the Master Cycle Zero by selecting it from the Rune submenu. 

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