Zelda: Breath of the Wild Revali's Song Walkthrough

The Champions' Ballad DLC comes to a close with the four-part walkthrough for the Revali's Song questline.


After completing the first four shrines in the Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC 2, the EX The Champions' Ballad quest will be updated. Afterward, the voice of Maz Koshia will speak to the Hero of Time, revealing further information about the path ahead. The one-hit Obliterator weapon will self-destruct, sending four colored orbs into the sky, with each landing at a different location across Hyrule. Maz Koshia compels Link to seek out these four areas spread throughout Hyrule:

Since the Obliterator is no more, Link's health will fill back up to its previous level. Check out the map, then head to the monument that has spawned south of Rito Village in the Cuho Mountains.

EX Champion Revali's Song Walkthrough - Part One

Head toward the monument, which will activate once the player gets close enough. Once there, Kass will sing a song revealing three clues regarding the upcoming trials:

"One, shoot the flame dragon's horn. Two, race down a peak rings adorn. Three, shoot four targets to win. Champion, the trials begin!"

Have a gander at the three maps that surfaced on the obelisks, then check the Hyrule map for reference points. The first mission to tackle is located at the top of Hebra's Peak in Hebra's East Summit, just east of Coldsnap Hollow. Head that direction, fast traveling to the Goma Asaagh Shrine if desired, then look for the blue ring just south of the shrine.

Run through the ring, then jump up, hold ZL, and press A to land on Link's shield and surf down the mountainside. This race is a little more challenging than the others simply because it's not as easy to maneuver while riding on the shield. Simply make small adjustments and account for momentum when lining up the rings, and be sure to pull out the glider when necessary to float over gaps.

After the race has completed, the Kiah Toza Shrine will emerge from the frozen earth. Activate the terminal, then step inside.

Kiah Toza Shrine - Master The Orb

The Kiah Toza Shrine tasks Link once again with guiding a respawning power sphere through a lengthly and elaborate obstacle course and into the funnel at the end. Before starting work on the puzzle, head down the stairs and use the updraft to glide to the uppermost area of the tower. Walk around back, use Cryonis to create an ice pillar to climb onto the rock, then spawn an ice pillar beneath the rock. Climb onto the platform and up the ladder, then open the chest to receive a Falcon Bow.

Drop down one level to the point where the power sphere rolls off the construct. Slide the back two metal blocks using Magnesis to redirect the sphere down the stairs, then slide the metal platforms to complete the bridge. Once that's done, glide down to the original platform and create two ice pillars on the waterfall to provide further safe passage for the sphere. Glide back up and stand on the pressure plate by the metal bridge to engage the conveyor belt below.

Just after the power sphere makes the round past the conveyor belt, use Stasis on the seesaw to freeze it. The sphere will roll softly across the gap and land on the spring pad. Glide back down to the base platform and step on the pressure plate to send the sphere hurdling toward the funnel, which will open the gate to the altar. Climb the stairs and speak with Kiah Toza to receive the first Medoh's Emblem.

EX Champion Revali's Song Walkthrough - Part Two

The second part of the EX Champion Revali's Song quest points Link toward the Flight Range at the northern edge of Dronoc's Pass, where Link previously displayed his skills to the Rito Champion. Head back there either by traveling the road or by fast traveling to Sha Worvo Shrine, then leap into the pit and deploy the paraglider.

The goal here is to shoot four different targets all during one single slow-motion sequence without running out of stamina. This isn't exactly easy, but it's made easier by hitting the two frontmost targets, then spinning around and nailing two more on the inside cliff walls.

With luck and a bit of persistence, four targets will be destroyed, and the Noe Rajee Shrine will emerge from the water. Glide down to it, activate the terminal, then head inside.

Noe Rajee Shrine - The Four Winds

As the name implies, the solving the mysteries of the Noe Rajee Shrine involves dealing with multiple wind sources. Step on the first grate and fire an arrow at the switch to activate the first gust of wind, then use it to glide up to the next area. Glide down into the alcove on the pillar and use the gust inside to float up to a switch. Hit it, then exit back out below and glide over to one of the fan grates. Go aerial and use Bomb arrows to destroy one of the wall facings and hit the switch inside.

Jump back outside and use the fan lifts to hover around the side of the pillar with the wind-operated mechanism. Strike the switch inside when it's open; alternatively, and with luck, you can land right on top of the mechanism and climb directly through the door to hit the switch inside.

Jump back outside and glide to a platform to look out for the final switch — it'll be inside a cage near the top of the column. After that, use one of the fan lifts to reach the lowest platform, then use the four now-activated lifts to reach the highest platform. Once up top, look opposite the altar to spot a ledge with lamps — use the central gust to glide over to it then around to an alcove on the back side of the column. Use the gust inside to reach the chest at the top, then open it to receive a Shield of the Mind's Eye.

After that, float to the platform where the altar rests, climb the stairs, and speak with Noe Rajee to receive the second Medoh's Emblem.

EX Champion Revali's Song Walkthrough - Part Three

The final part of the EX Champion Revali's Song questline takes place at the cliffside between Tabantha Hills and Tangar Canyon, just northwest of Upland Lindor. Head that direction to see smoke emanating from a campfire, then look around to spot Mazil standing near the cliff's edge. Speak with him to learn that a dragon appears in the canyon around nighttime. Use the campfire and select the Night option, then wait for the dragon Dinraal to appear. Once it does, glide out and shoot an arrow at its horns to spawn the Shira Gomar Shrine across the canyon.

Glide over to the shrine, activate the terminal, then step inside.

Shira Gomar Shrine - Aim For Stillness

The last of the wind-based shrines is a bit of a breeze — start by gliding over to the central platform, then blow up the destructible wall with a Bomb Arrow. Glide through the new opening and drop a bomb down into the chamber, and detonate it it while it's within range of the wall. Glide through once again, then land on the spinning gear with the two bomb chutes.

From there, simply use a Bomb Arrow to destroy the wall beyond the retracting gate. Use Statis on the spinning mechanism to stop the gate from closing, then use the gust of wind to reach the platform inside. From there, use the wind to reach the top of the platform, walk down the ledge toward the cog, and float down to the treasure chest on the floating pillar. Open it to receive a bundle of ten Bomb Arrows.

Use the Statis trick once again and float through the wind grates. Use the Paraglider to soar high enough to reach the two floating fans, then use those to glide over to the platform with the altar. Approach, speak with Shira Gomar, and claim the third and final Medoh's Emblem.

EX Champion Revali's Song Walkthrough - Part Four

With the three main missions in the EX Champion Revali's Song quests completed, head back over to Divine Beast Vah Medoh on the outskirts of Rito Village. When approaching the beast, Link will hear yet-another disembodied voice spelling out the task at hand. All three of Medoh's Emblems will be taken away, and the Hero of Time will be sent to the Illusory Realm and tasked with fighting Windblight Ganon using only the weapons and equipment provided.

As before, the fight with Windblight Ganon will take some time. Dodge the incoming fire from his arm-mounted cannon, then use the nearby gust of wind to take to the air and shoot arrows at its glowing eye. After a few hits, the beast will fall to the ground stunned. Use this chance to unleash several attacks until its health has been drained halfway. Keep to the same attack pattern in the later stages of the fight, being careful not to waste the likes of Urbosa's Fury by allowing Link's sword to be destroyed.

With persistence, Windblight Ganon will fall, and players can rejoice in the opportunity to watch it self destruct. Outside of the Illusory Realm, speak with Kass to hear his latest composition. Afterward, relax as the cutscene details more of the shared history between the Champion Revali and Princess Zelda. When it's over, players will be rewarded with Revali's Gale +, which reduces the power's cooldown time.

If you've been following these guides so far, the EX The Champions' Ballad questline is nearly complete. All that's left is the final trial that awaits Link back where it all began at the Shrine of Resurrection. If not, be sure to check out our complete Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC walkthrough and guide for more information on taking down the game's latest challenges.

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