Zelda: Breath of the Wild Daruk's Song Walkthrough

The Champions' Ballad DLC experience continues with the four-part walkthrough for the Daruk's Song questline.


After completing the initial four shrines of the Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC 2, the EX The Champions' Ballad quest will be updated. Afterward, the disembodied voice of Maz Koshia will speak to Link, revealing details about the path ahead. The one-hit Obliterator weapon will self-destruct, sending four colored orbs into the sky, with each landing at a different location across Hyrule. Maz Koshia compels the Hero of Time to seek out four different areas across the map:

Since the Obliterator is no more, Link's health will refill to its previous level. Check out the map, then head to the monument that has arisen just west of the Goron City.

EX Champion Daruk's Song Walkthrough - Part One

Walk toward the monument to have it activate, then hear the familiar disembodied voice call out to Link. Listen to Kass' song to reveal the clues needed to track down each of the EX Champion Daruk's Song quest objectives:

"One, stop a titan of molten stone. Two, follow rings of light alone. Three, survive lava's fiery fate. Champion, trials await!"

Take a look at the three maps that have appeared on the stone obelisks, then check out the map as a reference point. The first order of business is the location just south of the volcanic peak of Death Mountain.

Travel or teleport to DIvine Beast Vah Rudania, then turn to look south to spot a blue ring in the distance. Glide toward it and then through it to start a timed challenge where Link must run, climb, or glide through each ring before the time runs out. This isn't too difficult, just be sure to stay topped up on stamina, float down gently where necessary, and try not to fall into the lava. After flying through the final ring, the Sharo Lun Shrine will emerge from the mountainside. Activate the terminal, then step inside.

Sharo Lun Shrine - Blind Spots

The Sharo Lun Shrine involves solving a puzzle with climbable metal blocks moving around a conveyor belt. Jump onto one of the blocks on the side facing the entrance, and stay there as the block moves past the first flame wall. After that, move to the opposite side to avoid the flames coming in from the other direction. Climb on top of the box itself to avoid taking damage from the final flame trap.

In the next area, stay on the front side of the block to avoid detection of the Guardian sitting on the far wall. Continue wriggling around the cube to avoid fire from the Guardians, then jump onto the next platform. From there, climb onto a new cube and use Cryonis to create a platform beneath the falling treasure chest. Jump over to it to nab the Great Flameblade resting inside.

Jump back onto one of the moving boxes, then use Cryonis to build a pillar off the waterfall by the three suspended platforms. Use the new vantage point to jump past the flames back onto a cube, then, at the end of the path, use Cryonis to create a series of platforms leading up to the altar. Climb the staircase, speak to Sharo Lun, and grab the first Rudiania's Emblem.

EX Champion Daruk's Song Walkthrough - Part Two

The second quest objective points the Hero of Time toward Darb Pond, south of Death Mountain and southeast of Gorko Lake. From the rocky outcropping in the middle of the fiery lake a blue ring can be seen that Link needs to jump through. Fortunately, a metal cube can be found on the northern shore. Place it underneath the ring, then jump down through the ring from a high vantage point.

Touching down in the middle of the ring will cause the Rinu Honika Shrine to sprout up out of the mountanside. Activate the terminal, then enter the shrine.

Rinu Honika Shrine - Block the Blaze

In the Rinu Honika Shrine, Link will once again be tasked with completing a puzzle while avoiding damage from perilous fire traps. Getting past the first set of flames is simple, just click the left Joystick to crouch and walk underneath it. For the second, detonate a bomb at the base of the left pillar to drop the flame spout. The next flame can be dropped into lava by grabbing the metal cube under the right pillar, and then the cube can be used to block the flame from the remaining spouts.

To get through the wall of flames, stack one cube on the platform and put another on top of it, with just enough area overlapping to provide Link with safe passage.

Afterward, use one of the metal cubes to reach the treasure chest on the right side. Open it to find a Stone Smasher. Stack the two cubes together to get back to the platform, then continue down the path and use the terminal to activate the nearby machine. Using motion controls, flip the platform upside down and position it as such to where each of the flames are being blocked.

Walk across the platform to the altar, speak to Rinu Honika, and collect the second Rudania's Emblem.

EX Champion Daruk's Song Walkthrough - Part Three

The third challenge in the Daruk's Song questline sees Link traveling to the Lark Darman area, just across the river of lava flowing from Death Caldera. Players will be able to spot a massive rock sitting in the lava, which when approached will reveal an enormous Igneo Talus Titan. Load up some Ice Arrows and prepare for a complicated battle.

The most difficult part of taking down the Igneo Talus Titan is the fact that it won't emerge from the lava. Use a nearby gust to float toward it, and when close, use aerial archery to hit it with an Ice Arrow to cool it down. Whack away at its core, and make use of the updrafts to fly away when it starts bucking. After enough time, the rock monstrosity will fall, and the Kamia Omuna Shrine will pop up from the shoreline. Activate the terminal, then head inside.

Kamia Omuna Shrine - Moving Targets

The main mechanics at work in the Kamia Omuna Shrine will be instantly familiar to those who remember the main Goron City quests. Link will spawn next to a cannon that he can use to drop bombs through, making additional use of the nearbly switches to launch the bomb at the right time to hit each target.

Take out the first two targets, then use the cannon to fire a projectile in the direction of the cage seen to the right of the cannon. Doing so will drop a treasure chest; head through the door that opened, turn left, glide down and run toward the cage. Grab the chest using Magnesis, then open it to acquire a Diamond. After that, turn back and again head toward the second puzzle.

The second puzzle is made more difficult simply because it utilizes motion controls. Activate the terminal and spin the target around until the sliding wall is facing the cannon at the awkward angle seen above, making an easy target. Drop in a bomb, strike the switch, and detonate the bomb at the right time to hit the target. Once hit, a new target will appear, and the floating mechanism must be rotated so that the cannonball can fire through it. It's tough to properly align — use the below photo to figure out the optimal angle.

Once the second target has been destroyed, the door to the altar will open. Climb the steps, speak to Kamia Omuna, and claim the third and final Rudania's Emblem.

EX Champion Daruk's Song Walkthrough - Part Four

With all three Rudania's Emblems in tow, head back up Death Mountain to the resting place of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Near the base of the beast, Link will hear the familiar disembodied voice calling out to him. Each of the three Rudiania's Emblems will be taken away, and Link will be transported into the Illusory Realm where he must defeat Fireblight Ganon using only the equipment provided.

Fortunately for the Hyrulean Hero, Fireblight Ganon is as much of a walkover as he was before. Run in close and start swinging the hammer wildly, and Fireblight Ganon will be down to half health in no time. Once it changes up its tactics, throw bombs into the vortex it creates and detonate them to stun the foe. Run in close and use a charged attack to put the battle to a swift end.

Watch with particular glee as Fireblight Ganon meets its maker, then sit back as Kass sings his latest song. Enjoy the cutscene revealing more of the history between Daruk and Princess Zelda. When it's done, Link will be rewarded with Daruk's Protection +, which reduces the cooldown time on the champion's protective shield.

If you've been following these guides so far, there's just one Champions' Ballad quest left to go. To read about the others, head over to our complete Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC walkthrough and guide.

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