Zelda: Breath of the Wild Urbosa's Song Walkthrough

Our Champions' Ballad DLC adventure continues with the four-part walkthrough for the Urbosa's Song questline.


After completing the initial four shrines of the Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC 2, the EX The Champions' Ballad quest will be updated. The disembodied voice of Maz Koshia will speak to Link, revealing details about the path ahead. The one-hit Obliterator weapon will self-destruct, sending four colored orbs into the sky, with each landing at a different location across Hyrule. Maz Koshia compels the Hero of Time to seek out four different areas across the map:

Since the Obliterator has disappeared, Link's health will refill to its normal level. Check out the map, then head to the monument that sprouted up just east of the Gerudo Desert.

EX Champion Urbosa's Song Walkthrough - Part One

Approach the obelisks for them to activate, then talk with Kass to hear Urbosa's Song. Clues to what players should do are featured in the lyrics of the song:

"One, fight the brute of the sand. Two, chase rings upon the land. Three, throw the orb underground. Champion, trials abound!"

If desired, take a look at the exposed map to get a feel for where to head next.

The first point of interest is to the northwest of the monument, southeast of the main part of the Gerudo Highlands. The target here is the Yiga Clan Hideout. Inside the hideout where players previously found a huge stash of Mighty Bananas now rests a power sphere; Link needs to break back into the hideout and escape with the power sphere in order to throw it down the massive well outside.

Enter through the back, claim the Mighty Bananas in the treasure room, then walk further into the hideout. Use Rivali's Gale to reach the upper area, then climb around the wall to grab more Mighty Bananas and the power sphere. Drop down and carefully avoid the Yiga Clan members walking around. Slip outside and toss the sphere into the pit to have Kihiro Moh Shrine emerge from the ground.

Kihiro Moh Shrine - Inside The Box

Insire Kihiro Moh shrine, players will once again be tasked with completing a motion-based puzzle. Yeah, we know, but it must be done. Approach the terminal and insert the Sheikah Slate in order to activate a massive cube overhead, and take note of how many colored power spheres are inside. These numbers correlate with where to put the power spheres in the main room. For reference, there is one pink, two green, two orange, and four purple power spheres as well as three neutral metal spheres. Place them into the appropriate slots and the door will open.

Once the door is open, use the terminal to turn the massive cube right-side up, walk into the other room, use Statis on the lower part of the cube and hit it with a bomb arrow. The hatch will slide open, and players can grab one of the metal balls using Magnesis and place it in the slot marked three to open the door to the chest. Open the chest to receive a Thunderspear. After that, speak with the monk Kihiro Moh and claim the first Naboris's Emblem.

EX Champion Urbosa's Song Walkthrough - Part Two

The second point of interest is just to the west of the Gerudo Desert labyrinth. Fast travel to the Suma Sahma Shrine and glide west past the labyrinth to land out in the East Barrens. There, players will be tasked with taking down the massive creature known as the Molduking.

Climb atop one of the nearby stone columns, then drop bombs onto the ground to attract the Molduking's attention. When it gets in close, detonate the bomb to stun it, then hammer it with lightning-based attacks or even Lightning Arrows. With time, players should have no trouble taking down the Molduking, and once it's perished, the Keive Tala Shrine will rise from the ground. Collect the treasure from the foe, including chests containing a Royal Bow and two Royal Guard's Bows. Activate the shrine's terminal, then head inside.

Keive Tala Shrine - Big or Small

Players walking into the shrine will spot a machine embedded into the left wall that needs to be powered by a green generator. Look on the right wall and locate a magnetic cube, then place it between the two underwater chains to eletricy the first part of the system. Put another metal cube on to the floating platform by the node, raise the platform twice by striking the node, then grab the giant chain-linked ball and sling it over the rod extending from the wall. Lastly, use Cryonis to extend an ice platform between the remaining two rods sticking out of the wall, and place the oversized metal cube on the platform to complete the connection.

The array will electrify, and the door to the monk will open. Before heading in, turn to the right of the passage and use the terminal to control a light beam puzzle. Use the Joy-Cons or the Pro controller to complete the eletrical connection by triggering the rear nodes at the proper time to complete the eletrical connection across the gap. The puzzle is made more difficult by the likelihood of accidents, so make sure to be patient and make small precise movements.

After the connection is made, the door next to the terminal will open, and players can check the treasure chest to receive a Radiant Shield. Go speak to the monk Keive Tala and claim the second Naboris's Emblem.

EX Champion Urbosa's Song Walkthrough - Part Three

Travel to the Daqo Chisay Shrine just outside of Gerudo City, then start walking west until a glowing blue ring appears. Equip some stealth armor and sneak up on the Sand Seals, then sand surf through the rings. There's not much of a challenge to this trial, just be sure to Dash as often as possible and avoid the Lizalfos. After skirting through the final ring, the Takama Shiri Shrine will rise out of the sand.

Takama Shiri Shrine - Dual Purpose

Walk into the shrine to see another generator and two massive metallic cubes. Grab the furthest cube using Magnesis, then slide it to the left to create a bridge across the platform. Walk across, then slide both cubes back toward the generator to complete the connection and open the door.

Walk down the stairs into the next room to find another sliding electrical puzzle. Grab the foremost block and slide it back to reveal a passage to the right. Jump down and slide the first block back toward the entrance, then slide the two others to the far side. Doing so will complete a path around the room, as seen in the picture below.

Once on the far platform, rearrange the blocks to bridge the electrical connection across the room, leaving one block behind to work as a platform to reach the door. Jump through and climb the stairs to reach the next area.

Here, Link must build a climbable bridge up to the platform with the door, then rearrange the cubes to eletrify the contact needed to open the door. Before doing that, slide the blocks on the lower rails around and bridge the gap using one from the middle rail to activate the floor node and unlock the door to the treasure chest. Look inside it to find a Royal Bow.

Go back into the main room and slide both middle blocks to the right, move the lower climbable block away from the generator, then climb up to the platform. Walk across the path and rearrange the blocks to have electricity flowing to the contact in the upper left corner of the room.

Slide the middle block out of the array to temporarily disable the current, climb to the door, and then slide it back to engage the current and open the door. Climb the stairs, speak to the monk Takama Shiri, then claim the last Naboris's Emblem. The monk will instruct you to visit the Divine Beast Naboris. Head outside, then start down the path to Naboris.

EX Champion Urbosa's Song Walkthrough - Part Four

When approaching Naboris, Link will hear the disembodied voice call to him. The three Naboris's Emblems will be taken away, and Link will enter a memory realm where he will be tasked with fighting Thunderblight Ganon in the Illusory Realm using only the equipment provided.

Thankfully, Thunderblight Ganon fights the same way this time around as he did before. Watch out for shock attacks, and jump backward at the right time to unleash a Flurry Rush upon him. Once he's down to half health, he'll change up his attacks to include metallic spikes that chain with his electrical attacks. Pick up and raise a spike toward him using Magnesis, and allow the shock attack to stun him. Hit him with Statis, then unleash attacks until he's out of health.

Enjoy Thunderblight Ganon's repeated demise, then watch as Kass sings a new song in Urbosa's honor. A cutscene will play, revealing more of the shared past between Urbosa and Princess Zelda. Afterward, Link will be rewarded with Urbosa's Fury+, which decreases the time needed to recharge his lightning-based attack.

The journey through The Champions' Ballad isn't yet complete. To learn more about Breath of the Wild's latest DLC pack, head over to our complete Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC walkthrough and guide.

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