Etsu Korima Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Here's how to find and conquer the Champions' Ballad Etsu Korima shrine.


After beginning The EX Champions' Ballad quest, Link gains access to the Obliterator, a one-hit-kill weapon that balances out its tremendous power by limiting the hero to just one quarter of one heart. The initial parts of this quest require that Link take out four enemy camps and complete four different shrines without taking damage, as taking even a single hit will result in a Game Over. Put on Link's stealth armor and prepare for some challenging encounters.

Yet Another Methodical Eradication

The most southerly enemy camp presented at the start of the Champions' Ballad DLC rests on a mountain just to the east of Mount Hylia. Since it's in the middle of a very cold region, players are forced to ward off the chilling climate by equipping warm clothes or by consuming cold-resisting food or elixirs.

Fast travel to the nearby Keh Namut shrine, then head southeast and climb the peak of Mount Hylia to get a look at the enemy camp below. Take note off all the enemies, including the Ice Keese, Lizalfos, Ice Chuchus, the White Moblin and Ice Wizzrobe. Glide down from the peak and use Fire or Bomb arrows to quickly dispatch as many enemies as possible before making a retreat, then take the rest out with the Obliterator. Remember that a well-timed ground pound attack with the Obliterator can take out multiple enemies at once.

One the camp has been cleared out, the Etsu Korima Shrine will rise from the ground. Open the nearby chest and grab the 10 Ice Arrows inside, then use the Sheikah Slate to activate the terminal and enter the shrine.

Etsu Korima Shrine - Path of Light

Players descending into the Etsu Korima shrine will at once notice the near-complete darkness within. Proceed past the lamps and through the hallway to enter a massive room beset with beams of light. Take note of the moving platform, then move toward the back of the room, using a sturdy shield and strafing to the left to avoid damage from the beams.

Continue past the moving platform and down the hallway to enter a new room with a series of spinning spike walls. Avoid the spikes and follow the lamps, keeping an eye out for a treasure chest hidden in an alcove on the left wall. Open it, then climb the staircase at the back of the room and navigate through the hallway to find a room filled with flame traps.

Watch the patterns of the flames carefully, and walk through once the fires are temporarily extinguished. After walking down a small staircase at the back of the room, three guardians will drop down from the ceiling. Dispatch the closest one quickly, then use Statis on another before using the Obliterator's second hit to take out the third guardian. Hide behind the nearby walls to avoid the final guardian's laser attack, use Statis on it, then destroy it.

Once the room is clear, head up the long staircase at the back of the room, speak with Etsu Korima, and claim your Spirit Orb.

There are three other shrines that Link must complete as part of the initial stages of the Champions' Ballad questline, so make sure to check out our guides to the Rohta Chigah Shrine, the Yowaka Ita Shrine, and the Ruvo Korbah Shrine. Players looking to unlock the Master Cycle Zero motorcycle by continuing the quest beyond this first phase would also do well to check out our complete Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad DLC walthrough and guide.

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