Team Kaliber Sweeps Defending Champs, Survives Splyce For CWL Victory

OpTic Gaming had to watch from the sidelines as Team Kaliber and Splyce battled for the big bucks and accolades. 


I'd already flown back to San Antonio by the time OpTic Gaming lost six straight maps on the way to elimination, but I really wish I could have seen the mass exodus and/or deflation of the audience that had been truly pulling for them throughout the weekend. With the defending champs getting taken out, that left things to Team Kaliber (who went undefeated in Pool play) and Splyce. While the journey to the grand finals was full of twists and turns, Team Kaliber stayed consistent and beat Splyce 3-1 with the dagger being a tight win in Search and Destroy.

Team Kaliber looked to be headed for a sweep with a 2-0 lead as Capture The Flag started, but Chino made a crucial mistake that allowed Splyce to get a late capture and take the Grand Finals to 1-2. The Hardpoint, like the games before it, was a rollercoaster ride that saw neither team get comfortable. It came down a few precious seconds and Splyce kept it alive again with the victory.

Game five, a Search and Destroy game, started off with a dominant performance as TK went up 4-0. Splyce bounced back with three in a row, keeping hope alive that they could reset the bracket for another best-of-five. TK responded to make it 5-3 and put Splyce away for the big win.

Planned coverage for Call of Duty Worlds in Dallas, TX was spotty because of a pair of bomb threats that messed with scheduling on Friday and Sunday. There was a planned interview with TK's Kenny, the popular new blood at CWL, but the second bomb threat put a stop to that.

There's additional content from CWL coming during the week, including an interview with Sledgehammer Games' Michael Condrey, so stay tuned. Congrats to Chino, Kenny, Accuracy, and Theory of Team Kaliber on their first major LAN event! Feel free to look back on Day Two highlights from CWL as well.

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