Call of Duty World League In Dallas Shut Down Due To Potential Bomb Threat

: The show is over for today, but will continue as scheduled throughout the weekend.

During a pretty intense match between Optic Gaming and Enigma6, an alarm sounded in the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention center. I'm her attending the event and, when not much movement was made and the competition continued, I figured it was a prank or someone may have gone out of the wrong door. After about five minutes, though, security started to usher all of the attendees out of the main hall where the CWL competition was taking place. It turns out that there may have been a bomb threat at the convention center.

We were moved out into the concessions area first and then down to the lower level. After a few moments, we were instructed to cross a road away from the convention center. This was the rhythm for a while, as security would get us all gathered and then move us even further from the building.

There's no official word just yet, but there are tweets from others attending suggesting there was a bomb threat. There's also a few tweets where someone threatened to swat the event on yesterday.


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