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Overwatch Winter Wonderland Goes on a 5v1 Yeti Hunt

It'll take more than one Mei to find the dangerous yeti (also known as Winston).


The holidays are here and that means the heroes of Overwatch are going right back to fighting in the snow. Blizzard has announced the return of the Winter Wonderland event, which means more holiday-themed fun, skins, and the revenge of Mei's Snowball Offensive. But that's not all of the festivities centered around Mei.

The newest Winter Wonderland seasonal mode is called Mei's Yeti Hunt, and it's Overwatch's first attempt at a 5v1 boss fight. The idea will be that five Meis will band together to chase after a dangerous yeti-skinned Winston, who is controlled by a single player.

"The mode is really fun and different," explains Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan. "It takes place in Nepal Village. It's spooky at first, where the team of Meis is trying to find Winston and what Winston is doing is going around the map, looking for power-ups, which are meat that fuels his Primal Rage. If he gets enough of that meat, he will go into Primal Rage mode and then the tables turn. Once Winston is Primal Rage'd, the Meis just have to escape. They can use their Ice Walls. Mei has a special ability in this mode, where she can put down an ice trap. And basically, the idea is to get away from Winston at all costs. If enough of the Meis die, then the mode is over and Winston wins. If Winston dies, then the Meis win."

As for last year's seasonal game mode, recall from last year that Mei's Snowball Offensive centers around a 6v6 snowball fight, where players chuck one-hit-kill snowballs at one another. Not only is this mode set to return to the Ecopoint: Antarctica map, but it will also debut in the Black Forest map, as well.

And of course, Overwatch players will be able to unwrap all-new holiday-themed skins for the game's characters. Look for Overwatch's Winter Wonderland to begin on December 12. For more, check out the video below.

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