Hearthstone's Kobolds & Catacombs Goes Live, Twitch Challenge Now Open

Hearthstone's seventh expansion is now live, as Twitch throws down a challenge to anyone brave enough to tackle Dungeon Run and tackle it fast.


Blizzard is ready to explore unknown dangers and walk away with tons of loot. Hearthstone's Kobolds & Catacombs expansion is now live. Hearthstone players should be able to log in and access the expansion immediately, provided they downloaded the 10.0 update that went up on Wednesday.

Kobolds & Catacombs is Hearthstone's seventh expansion and will feature 135 new cards. New mechanics like Recruit and Legendary weapons will change up both Standard and Wild, as the Year of the Mammoth marches to a close. Solo players will also find a new roguelike mode called Dungeon Run, in which they'll take on random bosses and build their decks as they go. Complete Dungeon Run with all nine classes will reward players with a Candle King cardback.

If our Dungeon Run hands-on somehow makes this mode sound easy, then perhaps readers might be interested in a special challenge that Twitch has laid down.

Twitch users are challenged to complete the Dungeon Run across all nine classes in the fewest attempts possible. If they can do so, they'll be in the running for over $30,000 in prizes. The catch is, the entirety of the run must be livestreamed on Twitch, for verification purposes. Twitch users will have 10 days to complete this task and submit their entry, so get going before that December 17 expiration date. More information can be found on the Twitch blog.

Free card packs and a free Legendary weapon will be available to Hearthstone users that log in right now. Need an idea of what's coming? Find our full card analyses as part of our continuing Kobolds & Catacombs coverage.

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