Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Will Be Arriving Early

The game's first batch of DLC will be doled out to Japanese players earlier than anticipated.


Fire Emblem Warriors fans have been patiently awaiting the game's first batch of DLC, appropriately titled DLC Pack #1, since its announcement back then the game launched in October. Though the two-month turnaround didn't seem like much back then, it seems like even less now, as Koei Tecmo has revealed that the game's first DLC pack will be landing in Japanese territories ten days ahead of schedule on December 21.

The Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Pack #1 includes a fair bit of fresh content, including new costumes for Camilla, Takumi, Corrin, as well as all-new characters Azura, Niles, and Oboro. The DLC is also set to include a new Azura Support Conversation with Corrin and three new history maps that focus on Niles, Oboro, and Azura, respectively.

Fire Emblem Warriors players are no doubt still getting their fill of the game's update version 1.2, which released back on November 16. The update introduced the new Disrobe feature which ties in to a new gameplay mechanic allowing for armor to be destroyed, which gave players all-new offensive options and tied into the broken armor models teased in the DLC Pack #1 update. The Japanese version of the update also added the English Voice Pack to the game, much in the same way that the Japanese Voice Pack added Japanese voices to the Western releases at launch, alongside new temple blessings and various bug fixes.

Players interested in picking up the new Fire Emblem Warriors DLC can do so a-la-carte for $8.99 per DLC pack, the likes of which there will be three releasing between now and March. Alternatively, players can drop $20 down on the Season Pass and get each DLC pack as they're released. More information about purchasing can be found over on Nintendo's Fire Emblem Warriors website, and players can get an idea for what other gaming greats to check out this holiday season by checking out our top picks from Nintendo's holiday lineup.

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