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Tencent And PUBG Corp Reveal Second Mobile PUBG Game

Tencent announces an all-new mobile PUBG game just over a week after announcing the first.


The breakout success of PUBG has lead to a number of clone games, some of them being designed for mobile devices. Only recently, and seemingly moments before the market was flooded with battle royale games, PUBG Corp decided that it would be a good idea to create an official version of PUBG for mobile devices. It was only about a week ago that the company announced its partnership with Bluehole and Tencent with plans develop PUBG for mobile devices, and now the company has announced that a second mobile version of PUBG is also in development.

Naturally, this is a little confusing. Gamers could be forgiven for thinking that the official version of PUBG for mobile that was previously announced would have been an attempt to bring the verified PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds brand of gameplay to the mobile market, but it doesn't seem like that's the case.

Reports indicate that the first PUBG mobile game, the one announced last week, will be developed by Tencent's Timi Studio. It will be called Army Attack, and it will focus primarily on naval warfare. The trailer for the game was released to Sina Weibo, so it's not exactly easy to access in America; however, analyst Daniel Ahmad posted some of the relevant details via Twitter:

In a follow-up, Ahmad revealed details about the *second* PUBG game, the likes of which were also outlined over on Sina Weibo. Named Battlefield and being developed by Lightspeed and Quantum Studio, this latest mobile title will feature the traditional last man standing-type gameplay that players would have expected from the PUBG brand.

Both games will be developed with the Unreal Engine 4, though it seems they'll lead drastically different lives post-release. We don't yet to know when to expect either to release, however, nor do we know if there are any current plans to release the games outside of China. For now, at least the franchise is finding room to grow.

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