Monster Hunter Stories Just Hit Mobile Phones In Japan

The recently-released Nintendo 3DS title is now available for Japanese iOS and Android users.


Monster Hunter Stories has been a big name in the Monster Hunter series since its original Japanese release for the Nintendo 3DS back in October of 2016, and now it's the franchise's biggest mobile release yet. Japanese iOS and Android users are now being treated to a reworked version of the 3DS game in the similarly-titled Monster Hunter Stories, which is now available to download on most modern mobile devices.

This might seem like a bit of an unusual release, particularly considering that English-speaking territories only gained access to the game back in September of this year. For Western territories, Monster Hunter Stories is still a brand-new 3DS game, only it's one that's also now available on mobile.

As for available content in the mobile version, it seems that all of the big Monster Hunter Stories features have made the transition nicely, including the game's sharp graphics, pulse-pounding battles, character customization, and loads of monsters to track down. All of this and more can be seen in the game's new mobile trailer, featured below.

It's hard to say whether or not the mobile version of Monster Hunter Stories will ever make it to Western territories. Sure, intrepid mobile users could surely access Japanese app stores and download the game on their own, though it would be in Japanese, but there's no current word on whether or not the mobile version will get its own English translation. It's hard to see why it wouldn't, seeing as how the 3DS game has been translated just recently, but that's certainly no guarantee. In any case, Japanese users of iOS 11.03 or higher or Android 5.0 and higher can find the game at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, respectively. Alternatively, 3DS users can find the game wherever Nintendo games are sold, or pick up the free Monster Hunter Stories demo straight from Nintendo.

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