Save The Prince In Mobile Puzzler PrinceNapped

Ker-Chunk Games' latest title flips the usual script by tasking players with rescuing a prince in distress.


Rescuing a damsel in distress is a video game trope that has been around since before many players started gaming. And though it's certainly a valid pursuit in its own right, some players would prefer to see those typical video game gender roles be reversed and play as a powerful woman rescuing a man in need. Fortunately, Atlanta-based studio Ker-Chunk Games has created just such a game, as the company's new iOS and Facebook-based puzzler PrinceNapped tasks players with rescuing the beleaguered Prince Edwin by assuming control over the bounty huntress named Clara.

Set amid a fantasy-styled world, PrinceNapped sees players solving 75 different hand-crafted puzzles with several varying objectives. Power-ups are available through the form of special amulets and unique skills, like the Zap power that can be used to evaporate water and reveal hidden tiles, and players can show off their puzzle-solving prowess by competing with their friends for the top spot on the game's leaderboards.

PrinceNapped is the latest title from Ker-Chunk Games, a studio that creates games specifically with women gamers in mind. According to Molly Proffitt, CEO and lead gameplay designer at Ker-Chunk, PrinceNapped's principal design goal was to empower female players.

“Most of the games we play have strong male protagonists. When we started making PrinceNapped, we wanted to do something different that would make women feel like they were powerful,” Proffitt said in a press release. “We stuck to our vision and we made it a reality. It is our goal that we can start to change the way people perceive women as a players. We hope that with more games featuring strong female characters, we can make a difference and give a voice to women everywhere.”

PrinceNapped is available now as a free-to-play title through both Facebook and the Apple App Store. Users can find more information about the game, including more screenshots and details about the studio's design inspirations over at Ker-Chunk's official website.

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