SOS Recruits 100 Players Ahead of Closed Beta Week

Before SOS launches its closed beta week, Outpost Studios hopes to find 100 willing players looking to take on YouTube & Twitch veterans in a massive 200-player session.


Former employees from Electronic Arts, YouTube, and Twitch are getting ready to launch their debut game. SOS is a survival game that pits players against one another on an abandoned island. New studio Outpost Games is looking to launch a special closed beta in two weeks, but are also looking to lead up to that week with a special exhibition between some of gaming's top influencers and a handful of carefully-selected average Joes.

This massive 100v100 weekend event is titled Vets vs. Threats and is set to run from December 9-10. The Veterans will be comprised mainly of YouTube and Twitch streamers. They'll face off against 100 up-and-comers, who will be hand-picked by the Outpost Games developers. Auditions are currently open on the Vets vs. Threats website.

So what exactly is SOS? Sixteen players compete to find a relic somewhere on the treacherous La Cuna island. The relic will give them a ticket to an escape helicopter. Unfortunately, the helicopter only has three seats. And since everyone can't fit on the helicopter, that means alliances are bound to fall apart. While that would seemingly encourage a free-for-all out of the gate, the island's dangers are often much deadlier for lone wolves, so tenuous alliances are probably a player's safest bet.

The SOS closed beta is set to run from December 11-17. Sign-ups are open on the SOS website. For more on this survival game, check out the video below.

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