Vine Co-Founder Dom Hofmann Is Working On A Vine 'Follow-Up'

The new project won't be a Vine revival, but it may be similar to the now-defunct service.


There existed a point in time where mobile app Vine was all the rage: likely with the understanding that brevity is the soul of wit, Vine allowed users to post six-second video clips and share their creations with the world. The service became a sensation, with everyone from everyday users to high-profile celebrities extolling the virtues of the service and creating some truly entertaining creations.

Its time in the limelight was too short, however. After being bought by Twitter back in 2012 before the service had even launched, Vine closed down in January of this year, likely due to pressure from competing services like Instagram or even Snapchat. It's been sorely missed, too, with countless fans spelling out their love for the service across all manner of online forums.

However, we might be seeing a return of a similar type of service soon: Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann recently announced via Twitter that he's working on a "follow-up to Vine," going so far as to say he's been "feeling it" and that several users have been messaging him expressing enthusiasm for the now-defunct service.

Naturally, Hofmann didn't provide any details about what this follow-up might entail. It's fairly safe to assume that whatever the next project may be, it will be at least somewhat similar to Vine, though at this rate nothing is for certain. We do know, however, that this follow-up will be funded by Hofmann himself and that it won't be part of his current company or project, the similarly ambigiuous project Interspace.

With that said, Hofmann's acknowledgment of the popularity of Vine and willingness to serve Vine's fans can only be seen as a step in the right direction, and we're very curious to see what sort of app — if indeed the project will be an app — that Hofmann will come up with next.

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