Arms 4.1 Update Activates Springtron

A new fighter has been activated with the latest Arms update.


What's a fighting game without an evil doppelganger? Better yet, how about a mechanical evil doppelganger? Arms has earned its own dark-sided double that's about to run around the arena, and he's spelling bad news for Spring Man. After being initially teased in the game's update version 3.2 in October, Wednesday night's 4.1 update marked the official debut of Springtron, the nasty yin to Spring Man's yang. He was added to the game in a previous update as a boss encounter, but not as a playable character; now that's changed, and Springtron has been made available as a fully-playable fighter.

Springtron will start off with the same Arms that Spring Man does. And like any good double, Spingtron can do anything that Spring Man can, right down to unlocking the same sets of Arms over the course of the game. Where Springtron will differ in in his abilities, as he can charge up and release a shockwave that deflects incoming punches.

The Arms 4.1 update also balances out certain fighters and their Arms. The one fighter adjusted is:


  • Duration of immobility when masking up reduced

Then there are the Arms adjusted, which include:


  • Increased curving
  • Increased expansion rate of charge attacks.
  • Shortened wait time prior to scorpion jumping.
  • Decreased extension speed.
  • Decreased flotation during jump attacks.
  • Decreased speed of charge attacks.
  • Decreased homing during jumping attacks.


  • Increased curving.
  • Increased homing.
  • Decreased flotation during jump attacks.


  • Increased retraction speed.
  • Fixed issue where retraction speed would be greatly slowed at times.


  • Increased rush damage.


  • Increased retraction speed.


  • Increased retraction speed.
  • Increased homing.


  • Decreased retraction speed. Speed of charge attacks is unaffected.


  • Decreased speed of direction changes during rush attacks.


  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions projectiles would freeze in mid-air.

Other changes, including bug fixes and patch additions, can be found on the Nintendo Support website. The Arms 4.1 update is out now.

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