NVIDIA Drops Game-Ready Driver for Doom VFR

Team Green gets a new driver to prepare for VR Rippin’ and Tearin’.


Arriving on the heels of previous driver packages made to coincide with the PC releases of Star Wars: Battlefront II and Call of Duty: World War 2, NVIDIA has released a new driver package that provides up to date fixes and optimizations for Bethesda’s Doom VFR.

The driver package carries a version number of 388.43 and has been certified by Windows Quality Hardware Labs. The new driver comes with only two specific bug fixes (and their corresponding NVIDIA bug numbers) mentioned in the patch notes:

  • [NVIDIA Control Panel]: With cross-adapter clone mode enabled, the NVIDIA Control Panel crashes or hangs when you select With the NVIDIA Settings from the Adjust Video Color Settings page. [200353221]
  • [Optimus][Notebook][Wolfenstein]: The game crashes. [2019102]

Players looking to enhance their Doom VFR experience or those who like to keep current can grab the new driver package from the links below. NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience is also included in the download.

Windows 10 64-bit Driver 388.43
Windows 10 32-bit Driver 388.43
Windows 7 64-bit Driver 388.43
Windows 7 32-bit Driver 388.43

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