The Elder Scrolls: Legends Return To Clockwork City Expansion Now Available

New cards, card mechanics, and 35 new story missions await in the latest expansion to Dire Wolf Digital's popular CCG.


Players of Bethesda and Dire Wolf Digital's CCG The Elder Scrolls: Legends have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Return to Clockwork City, the game's second story-based expansion and the latest overall expansion since Heroes of Skyrim launched back in June. Scheduled for a November 30 release date, the expansion actually released late yesterday evening, and now players can check out all of the game's latest additions, including new cards, new missions, new card mechanics, and more.

Chief among the new content will undoubtedly be the new cards — over 55 have been added in the latest expansion, with several of them encompassing new Fabricant and Factotum creature types and several more presenting players with one of two new card mechanics, Treasure Hunter and Assemble. These mechanics offer all-new ways to approach both offense and defense, and many of the new cards have been designed to synergize with Neutral cards, meaning players of any preferred class will find new strategic options. Check out our guide for more information about some of the new mechanics and cards to be found in the Return to Clockwork City expansion.

Alongside the expansion comes a new update to the game that brings along a few small but welcome changes. Elder Scrolls: Legends players will certainly notice the new title and loading screen, and the base game menu has been overhauled to provide some shiny new flair representing the recent expansion. The development team has also tossed in a few fan-requested features, including an option to quick restart player-versus-computer battles, and word has it that Dire Wolf will soon change the much-maligned app icon to something with considerably less chin.

As has been the case with past expansions to The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the Return to Clockwork City expansion is available for purchase using in-game gold at 1,000 gold per act; alternatively, players can spend $7.99 real-world cash per act or buy all three acts for a flat price of $19.99 and earn a bonus alternate art card for Laaneth.

Players still on the fence can get a closer look at what the Return to Clockwork City expansion is all about in the expansion's recent trailer, featured below, and stay on the lookout for our official review coming soon.

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