Plot Details Surface In New Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Story Trailer

Blades, blasts, and just the right amount of plot exposition await in the latest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer.


The team at Monolith Soft had a hit on their hands when the original Xenoblade Chronicles released for the Nintendo Wii back in 2010. By the time it made its way to American shores two years later, the game had already developed a serious fanbase from all walks of gaming, and even managed to earn several awards for both Best RPG and Game of the Year from select publications. Long story short, the game was a hit, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the follow-up title, suitably named Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

It's fair to say that footage from various Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailers have shown off a tremendous amount of polish and plenty of action; however, not too much has been revealed about the game's story. That's not the case any more, though, because the latest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer has been custom-tailored to provide series fans with a glimpse at some of the story elements from the new game.

Do be warned that some of the content in this trailer can be considered a spoiler; viewer discretion is advised.

It won't be long before players can drop into the realm of Alrest and start laying waste to Titans, as Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on December 1. If that's not soon enough, be sure to check out Shacknews' Xenoblade Chronicles 2 preview, which takes an in-depth look at everything from skills and quests to voice acting and more. Alternatively, check out our extensive look at the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 combat system using details from a recent Nintendo Direct presentation.

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