Let It Die Celebrates First Anniversary with World of Tanks Collaboration

Let It Die sure does love tanks, as evidenced by this special collaboration with Wargaming.


How does a hack-and-slash roguelike go about celebrating its one year anniversary? For Let It Die, the answer is an unexpected one. The folks at GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture announced a special collaboration between Let It Die and... World of Tanks, Wargaming's free-to-play tank battle game.

For this odd collaboration, players who log into Let It Die can pick up ten premium Skill Decals to give their characters a boost. These Decals include:

  • World of Tanks: Max HP increased by 45%
  • Tiger II: Fire a War Ensemble weapon for five seconds, which reloads with explosive rounds that deal 20% more damage
  • Steel Wall: 20% chance of not taking any damage when hit
  • Chi-Ha: The closer you are when attacking with a WAR ENSEMBLE weapon, the higher the damage. Up to 30% more damage
  • Sharpshooter: Reduced bullet spray and recoil when using a War Ensemble weapon
  • Patrol Duty: Shows enemies on the map permanently and decreases Dash stamina consumption and Fatigue Time by 50%
  • Billotte's Medal: Players recover faster from being set on fire or from paralysis when electrocuted
  • T95E2: Increases attack power during Down Attack by 50%
  • Call for Vengeance: Rage Gauge increases by +2 when starting a Raid from the Revenge List
  • Invader: Increases attack by 20% in a Raid

Players will also find various waiting room items, quests, and other equipment items. A premium T-34/76 tank armor from World of Tanks is available for Let It Die via the PlayStation Store. On top of that, Uncle Death's Space FunGlasses will also be available as a free drop when logging into Let It Die from December 21 through January 11.

It's been a very good year for Let It Die, with the PS4-exclusive free-to-play game hitting one million downloads just one month after it launched. The Let It Die one-year anniversary celebration begins Thursday, November 30 and runs through January 11.

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