Tamagotchi Fever Goes Mobile In My Tamagotchi Forever

Prepare for wails and stools innumerable.


Tamagotchi have had a recent surge in popularity thanks to the revival of the classic Tamagotchi portable pet toy. For those who don't know, they were popular back in the late 1990s, though it's kind of hard to see why — sure, they were collectible and surprisingly addictive, but the idea of caring for a digital pet that was always pooping, crying, or dying wasn't exactly appealing to those in their late teens or beyond. And it goes without saying that thousands if not millions of Tamagotchi toys were ultimately abandoned, proving the whole exercise to be a study in digital slaughter.

The little creatures weren't without their charms, though, and now that charm is available in a true-to-form modern-era format through the all-new My Tamagotchi Forever mobile app. Take a look at what Bandai Namco's fresh new Tamagotchi sensation is all about by checking out the teaser trailer featured below.

It likely goes without saying that the app — or game, if you will — does most of the same things that regular old Tamagotchi have become popular for. Users can choose from a selection of adorable digital creatures based in appearance on their LCD ancestors and begin their journey of simulated petting, cleaning up fecal matter, and other traditional acts of general pet ownership. There even appears to be a hub world of sorts, though it's not immediately clear what sort of options such an environment will provide.

My Tamagotchi Forever is currently slated for a worldwide release sometime in 2018; however, the app is currently available on both iOS and Android devices in Canada, where it's already been soft launched. It's a free-to-play title, too, which means there's little reason not to scoop up a digital pet and check out the craze that swept the nation around the turn of the century. Alternatively, users can also check out the old Tamagotchi Classic app on the Google Play Store to get a better look at the digital pet sensation.

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