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Puzzle Fighter Smashes Gems Worldwide This Week

Capcom's newest incarnation of Puzzle Fighter is ready to help people escape the more unpleasant parts of Thanksgiving with the family.


Capcom is giving its fans something to be thankful for on this holiday week. The newest iteration of Puzzle Fighter is finally making its way to mobile devices on a global scale, giving people a new way to escape the politics conversation at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The new Puzzle Fighter was first revealed at the end of August. This a fresh version of the old-school classic, developed by Capcom Vancouver. The mechanics remain mostly the same, with players building up gems and destroying them in order to take the fight to their opponents. The latest Puzzle Fighter iteration includes daily single-player missions, leaderboards, and new support character mechanics. On top of that, this game will go beyond the Street Fighter roster and reach into Capcom's vault of characters, bringing out Darkstalkers' Morrigan, Dead Rising's Frank West, Devil May Cry's Dante, Final Fight's Haggar, Mega Man X, and more. There's even a Color Blind mode. Capcom has accounted for its color blind fanbase.

Before flying home for the Thanksgiving holiday, maybe download this for what's sure to be a long week. Puzzle Fighter features purchasable Gem Stacks and character booster packs, but is otherwise free-to-play. Pick it up on the App Store and Google Play store (assuming it's available in your area).

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