Agents of Mayhem Recruits Saints Row's Kinzie

Agents of Mayhem's newest character will look familiar to fans of Volition's Saints Row series.


When Volition last left Ms. Kinzie Kensington, she was seen on a fun-filled romp through Hell with Johnny Gat. It looked for a second like Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell would be the last anyone would see of Kinzie (or the rest of the Saints Row cast, for that matter), but why let a good, strong female character go to waste? Having that said, Volition has brought Kinzie back for another mission, this time with the warriors of Agents of Mayhem.

Kinzie returns under the codename "Safeword." In addition to getting Safeword for the main story, players can also use her for some agent-specific missions, which will explore Kinzie's backstory a little bit more.

The Agent Safeword DLC is available today for $4.99. Reintroduce yourself to Kinzie Kensington in the video below.

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