Fortnite Goes Airborn with Launch Pads in v1.9 Update

Don't try and go through that pesky trap. Go over it, thanks to a new addition set to hit Fortnite this week.


Trying to survive the treacherous world of Fortnite Battle Royale? Need a little help to stay alive and stay one step ahead of the competition? Epic Games hears the player outcry (although those could just be death cries. Who knows?) and is offering up some new tools with this Tuesday's 1.9 update.

Launch Pads are a new trap variety that can launch players high into the air. They'll allow players to re-deploy their glider, allowing them to glide across obstacles and catch any enemies unaware. The Launch Pad can be used as many times as a player wishes, but watch out, because it can be destroyed, just like any other trap in the game.

On top of that, get ready to blow enemies away in style. New "stylish shotguns" are being introduced and they can be looted across the world. Players can also find schematics for the Semi-Auto Shotgun, Charger, Stallion, and Stampede inside Loot Llamas.

Other changes include improvements to controller sensitivity, improved loading times, and other assorted bug fixes. Those looking for a full list of changes can find them on the Epic Games website. Look for the Fortnite v1.9 update to arrive this Tuesday, November 14, which should come as good news to the game's 20 million players. On top of that, Epic also announced that the Fortnitemares event that launched at the end of October has been extended and will run through November 29.

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