Overwatch Community Will Honor Dennis 'INTERNETHULK' Hawelka This Weekend

This Saturday, the Overwatch community will band together to remember legendary Overwatch pro Dennis 'INTERNETHULK' Hawelka, who tragically passed away earlier this week.


The Overwatch and esports community was shaken on Wednesday, November 8 after learning that Overwatch pro player Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka had passed away. While a cause of death has not been given, the Overwatch community has come together in the past couple of days to collectively mourn a man who was considered to be a legend of the game and, more than that, a dear friend.

That's why the competitive Overwatch community is putting together a short-notice Twitch stream on Saturday, November 11 called the Hulktastic Cup. Pro players and various members of the Overwatch community will come together on-stream and run through the Overwatch Public Test Realm, playing around with new character Moira. Throughout the stream, everyone present will share stories about Hawelka and the effect that he had on their lives.

Hawelka is remembered for his stellar play on IDDQD, an early Overwatch pro team that he helped put together by scouting out some of the game's best talent. While the core of IDDQD would go on to be a part of Team EnVyUs (now known as the Dallas Fuel), Hawelka made the transition to League of Legends, where he was expected to coach Team Liquid's squad in the 2018 Spring Split.

Team Liquid made the tragic announcement of Hawelka's death on Wednesday morning.

Fans of Overwatch, esports, and general well-wishers looking to lend their support can tune into the Hulktastic Cup and honor Hawelka's life this Saturday, November 11 at 11AM PT on the Gosu Gamers Overwatch Twitch channel.

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