Windows MR HMDs Adding SteamVR Support For Some VR Games This Month

A new beta program from Microsoft will be giving the new mixed reality HMDs access to SteamVR experiences, deepening the software pool by a huge amount.


When Windows launched their collection of mixed reality headsets from various manufacturers, we compiled a list of the experiences available at the time. Go ahead and toss that list in the recycle bin as SteamVR games will be available on Windows Mixed Reality November 15.

Reported on The Verge via Rolling Stone, a preview program for SteamVR experiences will launch later this month. Consumers will be able to test out select games before Microsoft finalizes the software. This opens the door for a ton of new titles to be added to the 60+ apps and games available currently. 

Windows MR users will enter Steam's virtual reality home and navigate a wall-sized menu of available games. This is considered an open beta for the bridge between Windows and SteamVR and there's no release window set in stone as Microsoft continues to tool away on issues that spring up.

Windows MR is a democratization initiative from Microsoft that gives consumers more buying power with access to affordable VR HMDs with more capabilities than the heavily accessible mobile VR counterparts. Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo launched the program and Samsung will be joining the party this month. Asus has also revealed a Windows MR headset but there's no release date set yet.

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