All the VR Apps and Games Available for Windows MR Launch Day

Microsoft's Mixed Reality initiative that introduces a collection of VR HMDs from various manufacturers went live today. Microsoft ink some solid software partnerships, thankfully, and the stable of apps and games available at launch is solid with a lot of room for growth.

These new HMDs put more control in the hands of consumers, but they have zero value if the software ecosystem isn't ripe with solid content. When the Windows MR headsets were announced, Microsoft shared a splash of logos showing off the games and experiences that would be coming to the platform. Halo was the big fish and the franchise is a part of the launch with a game called Halo Recruit. Others shown previously are available as well with even more down the pipeline.

SUPERHOT, Minecraft, and Space Pirate Trainer are a few of the critically acclaimed games highlighted on Microsoft's Mixed Reality page, alongside Skyworld and Free The Night. Life VR, vTime, NextVR, Arizona Sunshine, and others are experiences said to be "coming soon." The images below are of all the Windows MR apps and games available on the Microsoft Store:

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