ELEAGUE Cup Will Have Top 8 Rocket League Teams Compete for $150K

ELEAGUE is expanding even further into esports, preparing to air a weekend Rocket League tournament for $150,000.


ELEAGUE, Turner Sports' esports endeavor, has steadily been adding more and more games over its short existence. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains its central focus, but it has added games like Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, and Overwatch in the past year. On Thursday morning, Turner and IMG announced that ELEAGUE would add Rocket League as its next spotlighted game.

With some help from developer Psyonix, the ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League will be held over a three-day weekend, starting on December 1. Eight of the best Rocket League teams in the world will be flown into the ELEAGUE Arena at Turner Studios in Atlanta, where they will compete for a $150,000 pot.

"Rocket League is such a fun and entertaining blend of creative vehicles and soccer. With competition at its core, it's also a popular esports title that resonates with audiences of all ages," ELEAGUE GM and VP of Esports at Turner Sports Christina Alejandre said via press release. "We're very excited to feature this compelling game as we further expand our ELEAGUE portfolio and provide immersive content experiences across all platforms."

The eight invited teams will be named over the coming weeks. The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League will air on the ELEAGUE Twitch and YouTube channels starting Friday, December 1 at 2PM ET. There will also be a feature series documenting Rocket League esports and the Rocket League Championship Series' top teams airing on the first three Fridays of December on TBS during the normal Friday 10PM ET ELEAGUE time slot.

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