Data Mine Leaks Future Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Features

A dive into the game's data has revealed the existence of gardens, plants, numerous facilities, and various costumes.


Data miners love digging into some code, and new releases like the upcoming title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are ripe for digital spelunking. Intrepid data miners have torn apart the new game's APK and revealed loads of information that pertains to basic gameplay as well as some of the features that Animal Crossing fans can expect from the series' latest mobile entry.

Among much of the game's code were various so-far unconfirmed features, the likes of which include garden-related functions like plants and plant statuses, which include seeds, fertilized seeds, and the need to be watered. Soil itself has three different states, being either normal, dry, or withered, and animals can be found and captured from within the garden. Plant breeding will also likely be part of the game once the garden mechanic is introduced, and plants have variable properties labeled Gene 1 and Gene 2.

In addition to information about gardens, data mined from the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp APK has also revealed the existence of several in-game facilities, including Department, Hall, Hospital, Hotel, Office, Restaurant, School, Shop, and Snack. Though no official descriptions for these facilities exist just yet, their names seem fairly obvious, and Animal Crossing fans will likely immediately understand their functions.

Code from the APK has also revealed several different clothing types, including special costumes based on popular video game characters. Airou, Hero, Link, Samus, Mario, and Pikmin are all included in the game's code. Lastly, the data mine has revealed around a dozen different weather effects ranging from Cloud to Snow and Rain, with several effects being defined as "Fine," i.e. WEATHER_FINE_EVENING or WEATHER_FINE_MORNING.

Even though Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is currently available in both Australia and New Zealand, gamers in North America are still eagerly awaiting its expected Western release later this November. For more information about the game, check out our initial reveal post for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as well as why we believe Leaf Tickets are a threat to humanity.

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